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Why do Websites Need SSL Certificates

If you own a website, there is an excellent chance you have heard how SSL is an essential must-have feature for your company's site. But what is SSL, and why is it so important you have it installed on your server?

SSL and Why Google Likes it So Much

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer; the keyword there being secure. A website with SSL creates an encrypted connection between the web server and a searcher's internet browser. All information passing back and forth is hidden from prying eyes.

Google is all about providing exceptional customer service to its customers. Every single person who visits your website from a Google search is a Google customer first.

The search giant wants to ensure everyone clicking from their search page to visit a site has a positive experience, and creating a secure environment is a significant part of that focus.

If your website doesn't have SSL, Google will give preference to sites which do. In the future, not having SSL will mean you are losing visitors to your competitor.

If you don't yet have SSL, losing valuable leads is probably already happening. It gets worse; eventually, sites without SSL won't be showing in the search results at all.

Website Security Warnings Will Scare Visitors Away

Sites which don't implement SSL occasionally present the visitor with a warning stating that they are about to enter an unsecured environment. The search engines implement this feature, and web owners are powerless to prevent it.

Further to this, the page will also provide the visitor with options: leave, or venture further into danger. Entering the page requires the visitor to hunt for the link, while the option to go back to the search results is made more intuitive.

As a business, the last thing you want your website visitors to see is a bright red warning page while being greeted with a link and the phrase "get me out of here!".

We hope we've made it clear that installing SSL on your site is essential for your business. To ensure you achieve the maximum return on your investment talk to Emerald Sky Group today. Emerald Sky Group serve businesses in the Palm Beach, Broward, Miami, Florida areas and have a range of affordable SSL services which will keep Google happy, and protect your site visitors’ sensitive data.

Want to Add SSL to Your Site?

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