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Business Growth by Over 30%

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With Emerald Sky get Marketing That Works!  

Our Digital Marketing Experts Will Bring You Better ROI

Doing business for more than 11 years! Trust our experience to create highly-effective Marketing Campaigns and eye-catching branding so you increase your company's ROI and client base!

Our goal is to attract more clients for your business by utilizing product strategy, design (web design and development), SEO Optimization, Landing Pages, Campaign Management (PPC Ads, Adwords, Social, Email, Referrals) in order to drive traffic to your company and increase your sales and ROI so you can focus on making those big decisions for your business.

We are located in West Palm Beach yet Emerald Sky provides services all over the USA including, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Virginia Beach, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles as well as cities in other countries like Paris and Sedan, France, and Queretaro, Mexico.

When you need marketing help, turn to our professionals. From established to large companies, Emerald Sky Group LLC has the resources and expertise for any size company's needs. With years of experience in both traditional and digital marketing strategies, we provide tailored solutions for each organization's specific goals. Contact us today at 561-320-7773 to learn more about what we can do for your company!

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"We hired Emerald Sky to manage our website, marketing and social media, we could not be happier. Marco and his team is very efficient, professional and has lots of patience with all our questions and requests. We highly recommend Emerald Sky Group."

Manuel Alvarez owner of Paella Uno Catering in Palm Beach, FL

"I've been working with Marco and his team for over three years, very happy to work with him. Marco and his team are hard workers, very responsible, very reasonable prices compared to other companies. Highly recommend to someone who needs help with social marketing and SEO."

Kevin Shen owner of Paradise Foot Spa in Jupiter, FL

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Create 3 Buyer Personas

Developing a Buyer Persona or BP for your company's website or application helps to understand the type of people who will use it and defines what content should be displayed to them. By creating at least 3 Buyer Personas, we can create content that caters to precisely what they are looking for, making them willing to purchase f you or use your services. 


3 Landing Pages

Adwords' Keyword Planner Tool

To find the most relevant keywords to reach your Buyer Personas, we use Google Adword's Keyword Planner Tool. With it, we can see the highest searched phrases and create Landing Pages that will interest your Buyer Personas and make them convert them into loyal customers.

Competitor Research

By using researched keywords and analyzing your competitors' ranking, website, SEO, content, videos and audience, we will create 3 Landing Pages with original content that will attract your Buyer Persona to purchase or use your services.

SEO Optimization

We will implement all SEO meta tags for your website and products and optimize on-page keyword content, making sure that it is optimized in accordance with Google search algorithms.

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Experience Marketing Campaigns Services Like You’ve Never Before!


Google Ads

3 Ad Sets

After creating three Landing Pages for your Buyer Personas, our team will build 3 Ad Sets on Google Adwords to start getting clicks and calls, analyze your audience's responses, and see what works best for your company's marketing message.

Best Results

While ads will help get you clients and calls initially, the goal is to test several Ad Sets to hone in on precisely what your ideal client is looking for and in their language. This way, we can continue to provide the best ads and content to them and keep producing more and more loyal customers!


Generally, it is good to have at least $350-1,500 to be used for Ads so that we can find what works best for your Buyer Personas and find the right message to give them. Once we analyze all ads and find the perfect ones, we can use that ads' content to create more Landing Pages, Focused SEO, videos, Social Media Posts, and more!


Core Of Your Campaign

To recap, by creating Buyer Personas and Landing Pages based on your ideal customers and competitor analysis, we can then leverage Google Adwords and do tests to see which Marketing Message is the best for your audience.


Furthermore, we will find the exact Ads and content we need to successfully promote your company and increase your ROI and customer base. Additionally, while our ads are doing the trick, we will SEO optimize your website to rank higher on Google based on competitor analysis. In other words, getting you profits!

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