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Cybersecurity Services


Cybersecurity: A Daily Problem

Cybersecurity is a growing problem today. With more than 3 million new viruses created every day, businesses must be effectively protected to ensure maximum security for all of their data, users and hardware. With an attack capable of running a business both in terms of brand image and financial cost, there is always time to take the plunge and protect yourself today.

Each company has to deal with several dozen viruses every week (ransomware, adware, trojan, etc.). If updates and antiviruses help, it is estimated that more than 2/3 of businesses are vulnerable and more than half of businesses have already had a virus without even knowing it.

Cybersecurity Audit, The First Step Towards Security

The cybersecurity audit will help you understand the vulnerabilities of your business on the internet as well as in the use of your infrastructure in general and will allow you to correct them.

Simple, Fast, and Effective

The cybersecurity audit will not waste your time, we only need 3 to 4 hours within your infrastructure to collect the data necessary for our analysis. This audit is therefore not intrusive and does not mobilize your resources: you can continue to work without problems during our intervention. Following this audit, you will receive the results within one to two weeks on average.

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