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"We hired Emerald Sky to manage our website, marketing and social media, we could not be happier. Marco and his team is very efficient, professional and has lots of patience with all our questions and requests. We highly recommend Emerald Sky Group."

Manuel Alvarez owner of Paella Uno Catering in Palm Beach, FL

"I've been working with Marco and his team for over three years, very happy to work with him. Marco and his team are hard workers, very responsible, very reasonable prices compared to other companies. Highly recommend to someone who needs help with social marketing and SEO."

Kevin Shen owner of Paradise Foot Spa in Jupiter, FL

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With Emerald Sky get Marketing That Works!  

A smart option for increasing the amount of traffic that visits your website is to choose the top SEO firm in the United States and have them accompany you throughout the whole of your web project. In point of fact, search engines—and Google in particular—are almost always the primary source of visitors and prospects to help improve the growth of your organization on the internet.


There is no ranking or objective comparison of natural SEO agencies to help guide you in your choice; rather, it is according to your own criteria that you will be able to find the best SEO agency (the one that is most suitable) for your project in the United States of America or anywhere else in the world.

In order for you to carry out your organic SEO project, we will provide you with some keys that will allow you to compare and pick the finest SEO specialist.

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How to Choose the Best SEO Company?

The competition to position yourself on the first page of search engine results is becoming increasingly fierce. Realizing the importance of SEO, companies call on SEO agencies to ensure they have good positioning. It is therefore important to know exactly what the roles of an SEO expert are and on what occasions to use their service.

As the business of SEO agencies is still in its infancy, many freelancers are taking advantage of this new niche and offering cheap offers. However, their services do not always produce the expected results. Choosing an SEO agency is therefore a delicate task.

What is the Role of an Organic SEO Company?

Website SEO includes the consideration of several parameters. The work done on the website must not only attract Internet users, it must also “please” Internet users but also google search engines to be well ranked. Since SEO is a profession in its own right, web SEO agencies have emerged.

Often, owners design their website without taking into account the principles of Google organic SEO. They only think about their positioning once the pages are online. This is a common mistake. Webmasters and SEO experts have different but not incompatible roles.

Indeed, starting to cooperate with an SEO agency during the creation of the site costs 20 to 40% less than waiting for the end of the design. In addition, the estimated performance is 10 to 30% higher.

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If you are in the situation of having to do organic SEO after the redesign of your website, the agency will start by carrying out an SEO technical audit. From the findings she will have drawn, she develops long-term SEO strategies by working on the keywords and optimizing the content of the site.

The agency also takes care of the technical improvement on site which consists in the optimization of the loading time, tree structure, tags, rewriting of url, robots.txt, structured data, etc... the goal is to settle all the blocking points in the indexing of web pages. These will make the site more relevant and highlight the keywords. Writing optimized content is essential to be visible on competitive keywords. Finally, link building is an excellent way to maintain the popularity of the site.

As observations are made during SEO tracking and analysis, there are updates, fixes, and changes to be made. Additionally, Google changes its algorithms at least 400 times a year.

To stay in the first results of search engines, you must not rest on your laurels, but always seek to improve your digital strategy.

How to Find a Google SEO Agency?

The choice to use organic SEO agencies rather than relying on one's own skills is based on their expertise, SEO software and their know-how in the field. These entities know how to analyze the sector and implement relevant organic SEO strategies. In addition, they cover all aspects of the campaign and go so far as to improve your popularity on social networks.

Paid or organic SEO. We speak of organic SEO as opposed to paid SEO, although the two remain complementary. The first does not bring immediate results. It can take more than 4 months before seeing the effects of the actions taken.

The advantage, however, is that the benefits last as long as you maintain and update your WordPress CMS.

For all these reasons, there are some important criteria to take into account when choosing the agency to entrust with the SEO of your site:

First, SEO is a profession in its own right. Do not leave it to the care of your communication agency, which will delegate it to a subcontractor. Good SEO is worth more qualified traffic to you, therefore more prospects. Don't skimp on resources. The services of a quality provider may seem expensive, but they are worth it (average price of an SEO service is around $600-$1,000 per month). Find out first about how to proceed with the SEO agency in question and the duration of their service (minimum 1 year).


For a site addressing a specific geographical area, there are local SEO agencies. Ask for examples of their work to gauge their experience and find out if they are following Google's guidelines. A good web agency will offer complementary web-marketing and consulting services to generate quality traffic and a better conversion rate. The SEO specialist must communicate with your webmaster and not work in isolation.


Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to the administration of your organic SEO service, selecting a local collaboration with an agency based in the United States (rather than opting for less expensive "offshore" options) is a certain way to ensure high-quality results.


The 1st Position SEO firm provides you with the closeness to your partner that you need to improve your visibility in search engines, regardless of whether you are located in New York, Los Angeles, or in the heart of the United States.


The location of your SEO firm in the United States may be a comparative factor that you use in making your decision, which will then allow you to develop the finest possible partnership.

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When selecting an SEO service, having a firm that has a solid understanding of your company is an essential component. No compelling results can be anticipated on the quality and quantity of the traffic that will be created by the organic SEO activities that will be executed by your SEO firm if there is not a clear study of the queries that your targets use (keywords and search intents).


During the pre-sales phase, it is common for this criterion to be straightforward to evaluate. An SEO consultant that shows interest in your line of work, engages in conversation with you about the challenges your company has, and provides feedback is an excellent starting point when searching for your ideal SEO firm.


The better you define both your issue and your upstream demands, the better the outcomes of your efforts in the long run will be!


An Agency's Use Of Analysis Methodology

The procedure that is used for organic SEO projects is often the same throughout. However, a global approach is essential for your SEO agency to take ownership of your problem and implement the best effective and sustainable organic SEO actions.


The importance of these steps will vary depending on the circumstances of the situation as well as your level of experience with SEO.

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Keywords & The Goal Of Search, Together With The Amount & Value Of Targeted Traffic

Research into the rival companies (benchmark on the strategy and levers used by your competitors in the search engine results pages). Your rivals offline are not always the same as your competitors online!


When establishing your strategy and setting feasible targets for your placement and the traffic produced from Google search (places are costly! ), you need to take into consideration your legitimacy, which includes factors such as your age, popularity, and amount of material, among other things.

The phase of doing a technical audit for SEO is also an important stage that must not be skipped. An audit of your website's reference may help you determine what elements are holding it back from having better organic SEO, and then eliminate those issues. These technological aspects reduce the impact of the SEO optimization efforts you've taken in the past and will do in the future.


It is thus important in any organic SEO effort to guarantee that the technological basis of your website is the most conducive to delivering positive results for your reference on Google. This may be done by ensuring that your website follows all of Google's recommendations for best practices.


A technical SEO audit is of course required during any site migration project (even on platforms deemed healthy and pre-optimized such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix or Prestashop), but it should also be performed on a regular basis on “existing” sites to ensure compliance with new practices or check that updates to the site have not caused any problems that were not present during an initial audit.


An annual “control” audit is required to be performed in addition to real-time monitoring of certain aspects of the system.


Keep growing!

The editorial optimization (content) of your website is the second pillar on which your SEO firm will need to work after the technical SEO optimization steps have been put into place.


These components are necessary for the accomplishment of your goals, in particular the optimization of your metadata (title, description, and structured data formats), which together make up the "visiting card" on the pages of Google's search results.


Even before they choose to access your website, it is very important to pay close attention to how your target audience searches for you and how they view you in the search results provided by Google.


Second, it is vital to work on optimizing your content in order for your website to reply as exactly as possible to the request and search intention indicated by your prospects in Google. This may be accomplished by working on optimizing your content.

The last step in gaining popularity is to create the validity of your website and brand in the eyes of search engines. This is the final step in gaining popularity. This pillar is responsible for the mobilization of your brand's connections and citations... The majority of the time, you do not fully use your partners and prospective (natural) relays in order to make the most of this element.


A reputable SEO company will be able to assist you in maximizing the potential of your relationships, communication activities, and other link-building possibilities to boost your popularity on Google and, as a result, your ranking for your strategic keywords.

A guarantee of the seriousness of the partnership between you and your SEO agency in order to achieve better results is provided by performance measurement.

You should be able to have a crystal clear picture of the outcomes that were delivered by a reputable SEO firm, since they will finally be required to monitor performance in full transparency. There are a variety of tools available at this time for monitoring not only your rankings in search engines but also, and perhaps more significantly, the traffic and conversions that are generated by the organic SEO lever.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), the outcomes are often seen in the medium to long term before enjoying the benefits of the work done by your SEO service. It is common knowledge that a length of time equaling four months is required before one can witness the first outcomes.


Therefore, it is very necessary to adjust its monitoring tools and its outcomes targets to these dates once the initial efforts to enhance natural ranking have been put into operation.


Therefore, if you want to develop the finest collaboration possible with your SEO firm, you will need to equip yourself with (at least a little bit of) patience. Quite frequently, this is something that can't be constructed in less than a few years!


Our Team

Emerald Sky Group is located in West Palm Beach but provides service all over the world. We also offer the Emerald rating to meet the needs of our customers! As we grow more and more services available to you! We provide you with a holistic perspective on the latest customer visits and retention techniques - something like never before!

The team members at Emerald Sky Group are always ready with a smile on their faces when they answer the phone or door. No matter if it's sunny outside--you can expect friendly service from these professionals no matter what happens during business hours (though we recommend booking an appointment).


Marco Baez

Project Manager, Coordinator, Sales

Marco Baez

Project Manager, Coordinator, Sales

Robert Kukulski Project Manager Web Designer.jpg

Robert Kukulski

Project Manager & Web Designer


Franciso Diaz

Website Developer


Fiona Zang

Social Media Manager

Emilio Rivas.jpeg

Emilio Rivas

Website Developer & Velo Expert




Chef LSM
Private & Corporate Catering

What can I say about Marco and Emerald Sky team…my website says it all!!
He personally is a mastermind, very patient, and passionate about making his clients look good!


Iola Yanez
My NFL Flag

Very easy to work with, very professional and the design work is AWESOME!!!
They work around the clock and respond quickly. They designed our logo and submitted design templates to a banner company we were working with. Both the logo and design templates were completed in less than 5 days!


Ricky Torres
Red Roman Project - La Voz

I needed a logo for my website and with very little notice Marco at Emerald Sky had one ready for me in no time! Not only that but when it came up that I needed the dimensions changed to the logo, he was willing and able to help me out for no extra charge.
He definitely cares about the customer’s happiness with the product. I have recommended Emerald Sky to a few people already and will continue to do so.


Jeff Collins
President - Collins Dvpt Co.

Working with Marco and Emerald Sky has been outstanding! They understand what we are trying to accomplish and find and implement solutions in short order. A great experience!


Josh Carbunk

Emerald Sky is there to help your business grow by enhancing your image on the web. Whether it'd be designing a website, search engine optimization (SEO), managing social media sites, or assisting with IT, their primary goal is to add value to their customers. They'll be working side by side with you to make sure that firstly, they capture your purpose along with your principles in order to establish a clear vision. They will then strategize a project that will guarantee that your image and purpose is expressed to best reach your target market. Whatever the size of the project, from managing a thousand-page site, to designing a logo, their team is there to serve and make your vision a reality.


Stefanie Caro

Emerald Sky is my go-to for all of my web design needs. Local, and dependable, and owner is top notch, will take the time to work with your ideas to create a completely unique website/design/logo. All at an affordable price!


Tina Reine

Emerald Sky Website Builders are creative and professional, resulting in an incredible website. They understood what I was trying to accomplish and they offered ideas and options that were better than anything I could have could have thought of. These guys really know what they are doing. The value for your money is the best you will find . As someone who has worked with a number of start-up companies, I have worked with a lot of website developers over the years and there is no one that offers better quality than Emerald Sky!


Anthony Gonzalez

Great experience working with Marco and his team. I am very happy with my website and logo! Very responsive and flexible, as I am a bit of a perfectionist! Highly recommend them for your digital needs!

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