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Coded Custom Chat for Website


Customized Chat Exclusive to Your Website

Almost everyone will agree that their day starts with communication. While face-to-face interactions elicit higher chances of effective communication, most conversations are virtual nowadays. Whether you are checking up on your family, updating your team about your business, collaborating with a colleague, or assisting a customer, chat functions on social media platforms or dedicated user sites can be very useful.


Just like how everyone has a different purpose for needing a chat function in their virtual communications, businesses also have unique needs for chat to support their daily operations efficiently. This is where Emerald Sky comes in. We are experts at building custom chat features for all kinds of websites regardless of the purpose or nature of business of the website. 

With our custom chat service, you can get so much more than just a mere exchange of words in a chat room. Our team will custom code your website to integrate a robust chat function that supports the specific needs and goals of your business to streamline your internal and external processes.


Velo-Coded Chat for Your Wix Website

We don’t rely on ready-to-use website templates; we build websites tailored specifically to your chat needs by using various programming languages such as PHP, Java, Python, HTML, and Velo.


Velo is particularly useful for upgrading your Wix website into a more advanced platform that can stand out from the competition. Using Velo, you can connect your site’s chat function to a database system that stores critical information about your business. You can manage the stored information easily since we can customize it to be accessible to you and your team with scrolling functionalities to review history. With your Wix website developed using Velo code language, you can leverage personalized chat that connects your team in real-time, scalable communication software to accommodate your growing team, and easy integration with other software to accomplish more in less time—all while keeping your critical business information safe.

Functionalities of Our Custom Chat

We will work with up to 55 keywords (and more if needed), always give a comprehensive keyword analysis as well as analyze your competitors, Google My Business and Google Maps account creation, 50 business directory submissions (like Yelp, or Trip Advisor -sites that give you good backlinks), 50 Google Maps Citations (to be found more on Google Maps), daily social media management and posting, onsite changes of up to 4 pages a month, 2 blogs/webpage copywriting monthly, a detailed monthly report, full transparency.

Whether you need an internal chat function to ease collaboration within your team or an external chat to provide real-time chat support to your customers, you can count on us to custom-build a chat function for your website that addresses your unique needs seamlessly. Fill out the form on our website or give us a call to know how you can avail of our professional web services!


Work With Us and Let Us Build Your Website’s Chat Feature

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