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Public Relations


Time to Get Your Name Out There

Wondering how to reach out to and get exposure on major media like TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and relevant articles for your business? Look no more! We are here to help you to connect to the people who will spread the word about your amazing business!

We have a team that will connect your company to the best people and companies along with setting interviews, calls, press releases, blogs, and article columns in known magazines!

Our goal is for people all around to know your story and what makes you special! Let’s get to work!

We will work directly with you to deliver the right key message in your specific company voice!

1) Market Research: Research subjects and topics that would create the most exposure so the campaign can be executed accordingly (find the best angle for the press release).

2) Press Release: Write, publish, and distribute news/information on behalf of the company to release to targeted media outlets.

3) Compelling Influencer Marketing: Leverage key assets in order to contact and introduce your company to key media and journalists and set up meetings and interviews. We will work to have influential people talk about your company to their own network.

Our PR packages include one month of PR efforts and a PR report at the end of the engagement. Once our engagement is done, we still forward any leads that come from the campaign – it is not unusual to receive inquiries weeks after a press release was sent.


Straight Up PR Campaign: Includes one Press Release and contacting at least 50 relevant media outlets. This is a basic campaign.

All In PR Campaign: Includes one or two (if needed) Press Releases and contacting over 75 relevant media outlets, following up, calling, etc. This is a more aggressive campaign.

Your Public Relations Campaign:

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