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Software Development


From Your Ideas Into Real Software

Emerald Sky is composed of a dynamic team of expert web and mobile app developers who you can trust to deliver the results you envision for your project. We have over eleven years of experience in the industry, so we are definitely a top choice for any software development needs. Read on to find out more about what we do and why you should choose us.

What We Do For Your Company

Whether you have a novel idea you want to test out or want to improve your existing software, you can’t go wrong with Emerald Sky. From iOS to Android devices to PCs, we can build you software with stunning visuals and intuitive functions that enhance the end-user experience both for your team and customers. Our top software development services are:

Web Development

In the world of digitalization, users expect websites to load fast. Websites that are not optimized to be responsive are seen by users not only as outdated but also unreliable. At Emerald Sky, we will deploy advanced web development solutions to create a responsive and adaptive website that provides your users with a dynamic experience. You can get a fast-loading and highly optimized website that is seamlessly compatible with a range of smartphones and PCs.

Mobile App Development

Your software can be as accessible as a click away to your user when it is made downloadable on their mobile device. From iOS to Android to wearable mobile devices, we can create software that is compatible with them all. Our solid background in Swift and the expertise of our team in C and Objective C coding, as well as Gingerbread to Lollipop OS versions, enabled us to complete countless iOS and Android apps compatible with any device.

What Makes Us the Best Software Development Company for Your Project

Choosing the right software developers to partner up for your project is tricky so we’ll cut to the chase and tell you straight up why we’re your best option:

  • We have over a decade of experience

From innovative websites for smartphones and PCs to engaging mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, we’ve done it all! We have a rich portfolio of software we’ve developed before to prove our expertise in the field.

  • We deliver top-notch results at affordable rates

We are committed to keeping our prices reasonably low without compromising the results. We will build you an ROI-driven website or app according to your vision.

  • We keep you onboard throughout the project

At Emerald Sky, you are not just a client — you are our most valuable team member. We will take your ideas and build a website or app around them to ensure your satisfaction.

  • We have a service-minded team of professionals

We take pride in our dynamic team of talented individuals who are passionate about software development. We truly care about your business and root for your success through our unparalleled service.

Let's Work Together!

Look no further than Emerald Sky for your software development needs! We can’t wait to get busy on your project and deliver the website or mobile app of your dreams to take your business to the next level. Fill out the form or call us now to discuss your ideal website! 


Our Team

Emerald Sky Group is located in West Palm Beach but provides service all over the world. We also offer the Emerald rating to meet the needs of our customers! As we grow more and more services available to you! We provide you with a holistic perspective on the latest customer visits and retention techniques - something like never before!

The team members at Emerald Sky Group are always ready with a smile on their faces when they answer the phone or door. No matter if it's sunny outside--you can expect friendly service from these professionals no matter what happens during business hours (though we recommend booking an appointment).


Marco Baez

Project Manager, Coordinator, Sales

Marco Baez

Project Manager, Coordinator, Sales

Robert Kukulski Project Manager Web Designer.jpg

Robert Kukulski

Project Manager & Web Designer

Emilio Rivas.jpeg

Emilio Rivas

Website Developer & Velo Expert


Fiona Zang

Social Media Manager


Franciso Diaz

Website Developer

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-27 at 16.53.24.jpeg

Issac Baez


Graphic Design & Animations Specialist

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