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Where I get my energy is : "How can I make it better?"

All things are difficult before they are easy. But when we don't try the unknowns, we won't make progress and move forward.

The word "Trying" is a challenge for us. Trying is courage that makes people challenge and goes beyond themselves. Trying is also a kind of will, which is the fight to defeat repeatedly. There are many attempts in life, and each one is precious because it teaches us a lesson and gives us hope. To try every time is so valuable, full of hope and vitality.

So just do it. You won't know what it means to you until you do it. The courage to try is the key to success. Remember, everyone has the same chance of success, but those who dare to take the challenge are more likely to grab it than ordinary people.

Did you challenge yourself or try something new today? If so, what value did you get out of it?

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