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What to check when you hire someone and not make any mistake

1. The company and position the candidate has worked for:

Firstly, look at what company the candidate has or has recently worked for. If he or she is in the same industry as the job opening position and has worked at a leading company in that industry, you can offer him an interview.

2. Judge whether the applicant meets the technical and experience requirements of the post:

In the objective content, you should first pay attention to personal information, education experience and judge whether the professional qualifications and experiences of the applicants are related to the vacancy to meet the requirements.

If the candidate does not meet the requirements, there is no need to browse other content, and you can directly filter it out.

For example, in the education experience, to pay special attention to whether the candidate uses vague words, such as does not indicate the beginning and end of the university education and the type, this is very likely to confuse the difference between college and undergraduate, etc.

3. Past performance of the candidate:

Truth is everything for sales, the performance of the course refers to the completion of business targets, and for sales managers, team building and management is also one of their performance. For example, in a year, the sales team has grown from a few people to many people.

4. Check the candidate's educational background:

It is also important for corporate interviewers to screen the candidate's educational background, looking at whether the candidate's highest education matches their major.

What do you check when you hire someone?

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