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Top 7 Creative Marketing Ideas

Today’s digitally savvy customers are aware of the many tricks marketers are using these days, or they have become blind due to their overuse. For example, when was the last time you noticed or even clicked on a flashy banner ad?

Marketers always need to be at the top of their game in finding new techniques to pull in leads. If you are stuck for ideas, try one of the following top 7 marketing ideas to get customers looking your way.

1. Create Engaging Contests

Part of the challenge of getting new customers is to convince them to try out an untrusted product or service. Competitions can increase visitor engagement and get people talking if there is a chance to try out a new product for free.

2. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

We’re not talking about wordy blog posts, which are only created as fodder for the search engines (that’s not a good long-term strategy anyway). A successful content marketing strategy delivers actionable content, which improves the lives of your readers in some way.

Even if it’s only a small improvement, the readers on your site will have positively engaged with your company, and trust is starting to build.

3. Use Live Chat

When people visit your website, being able to enter a live chat with a staff member who can answer any questions or help them place an order will be appreciated. It’s an extra level of service, which is often unexpected and always makes a good impression.

4. Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a new way for customers to engage with companies in a way that is convenient for them. Stay on top of your social media profiles by regularly posting engaging content and engage with comments and queries at your earliest opportunity.

5. Are You Using Email?

Email marketing is still the king of digital marketing when it comes to having the highest ROI. If you haven’t yet started collecting emails via your website, then now is an excellent time to start.

6. Embrace the Power of Video

Some people like to read, but others will only hang around for a video. It’s easier than ever to produce great videos, and there are plenty of cheap and free options for hosting them. You no longer have an excuse for not using video, and if you aren’t using it, then you are hurting your website’s potential to attract more leads.

7. Implement a ChatBot

Your staff must go home sometime, and if you aren’t an around the clock organization, you should consider installing a chatbot service on your website.

These smart AI website bots have become incredibly sophisticated over the last few years and are an excellent substitute for when you can’t provide a live service. Of course, their strengths lie in automated tasks like creating a support request or giving access to further information.

If you are the busy owner of a business, we understand you may not have the time or skills to incorporate new marketing strategies.

Emerald Sky is a professional digital marketing company that can provide the expertise and guidance you need to expand your market and strengthen your branding. Give them a call today and discover how affordable your digital marketing can be.

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