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The importance of marketing team for an enterprise network marketing

Network marketing is a strategic project of the enterprise, the implementation of network marketing strategy needs a reasonable configuration, close cooperation, strong fighting marketing team.

A suitable network marketing team should include sales planning personnel, network technology personnel, content creation personnel, network promotion personnel, network marketing management personnel.

How to configure the team should be based on the marketing status quo of the enterprise, marketing template, human, material, and financial resources, with the right team, network marketing strategy is half the success.

A complete marketing-team needs the following aspects of talent.

1.Team operation:

The person with a sufficient understanding of marketing and strong communication skills can coordinate the whole team.

2.Technical staff:

People who are proficient in website design and development are required to eliminate spider traps and make the website work properly.

3.Copywriting editor:

Need to write the product description. In addition to a clear description of the product, you also need to consider the search request ranking elements.

4.Content Editing:

Content editing mainly carries out specific news writing, making information searchers change to transactional searchers. Consider search request ranking elements in addition to objective feature writing.

5.Paid search:

Given the importance of paid search, it needs someone with experience to manage it.

6.Statistical report:

In view of the importance of assessment, it is necessary to conduct a statistical analysis of the daily traffic of the website to test the efforts made.

7.Keyword research:

Keyword research is the top priority of search engine marketing, the need for an expert to conduct a specific study, at the same time to gather the strength of everyone.

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