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How To Grow My Social Networks: Pros And Cons

Being present on social networks has now become an imperative, both marketing and financial. The shortfall of not being present on social networks is not only summarized by the number of Internet users who do not see you, but also by Internet users who see the communications of your competitors. So, it’s a double loss not to take the initiative to be on social media. However, being present does not automatically mean having a large audience, all communication work must be done to promote your brand and thus grow your networks. However, aren't the advantages of social media also accompanied by different disadvantages. If the need to publish articles to grow is presented, what is the cost?

The "cross channel" of social networks

If a website can effectively present your products, it will be hard to gain traffic from a social network. The website nevertheless remains the centre of your strategy for growing your social networks, because it centralizes all your content and redirects it. So, a user can find your publications on Facebook, click on an article which redirects to your site and see that you have a Twitter logo (so an account attached) and more content to offer.

You have to keep in mind that your audiences remain heterogeneous in their use of social networks. So, a person who reads an article can share it to one person on Twitter and another on Facebook. Letting the possibility of being visible on different social networks is essential. However, this requires a very good coordination of your communication, and a constant watch of what the public publishes, because certain channels which will be little used will also require a regular watch so as not to leave negative comments without response for too long.

Networking between professionals

It will depend on your favorite communication channel, but speaking with other professionals who have the same audience or a close audience to help each other and make free communication is also a way to expand your network. This is particularly the case for youtubers and certain Instagrammers who do "feat" with other content creators. This technique can be very profitable for both parties, but it has certain disadvantages.

First of all, you often have to reach a certain size for the person opposite to agree to do this feat, otherwise you can simply be ignored. Also, it can take a while to set up, a Youtuber may have a certain agenda planned for his next videos and little free time. It would therefore take a little patience and many exchanges to establish a video, but this strengthens your network in the long term and you distribute an audience that would never have known you otherwise.

Constantly and regularly publish on all networks

Publishing on networks is chosen, but for your audience your brand is also their brand, and they expect regular content to stay "subscribed". So, there are a few things you need to watch out for. First, the news of your sector, if a major novelty appears, your followers can expect you to comment on this, this post can react and create a buzz that will be reposted by your followers. This requires of you to be very involved in monitoring the news.

If you have niche content you have to stay in that type of content, wanting to diversify can also lead to dispersal and you can lose your audience. If you really want to diversify because the content you produce is tiring, do a survey before making your decision. To grow your social networks, it is essential to listen to your audience, because they are ultimately the ones who will decide to stay and share or leave and forget about you.

Social media is a necessary windfall for the growth of your business, and to be even more effective than you need to be able to make it grow. Growing your social networks which over a little time, means or experiences can be very time consuming and tiring. You then need a good strategy and make publications regularly to grow in the long term. With Emerald Sky, you can effectively grow your social networks and focus on growing your business. Contact us now.

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