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How to Get a Job After Graduation

A company's top five priorities when recruiting employees are:

1. Professional knowledge and technology

2. Learning ability

3. Work attitude and can cooperate with the company's development plan

4. Dedication

5. Team spirit

"Professional knowledge and technology" is the top consideration for employers in different industries. This means that candidate must have excellent professional knowledge and skills, which is the stepping stone to enter his or her ideal company.

It is worth noticing that, in the first five important considerations, except for professional knowledge and technology, the rest are biased to the description of a work attitude.

Obviously, enterprises consider more in this aspect than workability. This fully demonstrates that professional skills are the most important, but attitude is everything. If a new employee has a positive work attitude, takes responsibility for everything, and gives his or her all, then his or her career is guaranteed to be successful.

When college graduates are looking for a job for the first time, they often worry about whether they will be at a disadvantage if they do not have relevant work experience. However, relevant work experience is not included in the key consideration of enterprises, indicating that this condition is not an absolute factor for enterprises to consider when recruiting new people.

In addition to the above five conditions, college graduates also need to work hard on their psychological quality, judgment, potential, learning ability, and information processing ability. Especially as a college graduate preparing for the first interview, you need to pay more attention to these five aspects.

1. Psychological factors 2. Information factors 3. Determine factors 4. Potential factors 5. Learning factors

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