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How to Fix Hacked WordPress Site

How to Fix Hacked WordPress Site

WordPress is the most popular web development platform on the internet, which makes it a popular target for hackers. A hacked website is a stressful situation to be in. Here's how to fix a hacked WordPress site so you can get back to business.

1.How to Know When Your WordPress Site is Hacked:

Many WordPress hacks can fly under the radar, but there are clues, including:

  • Warnings from Google

  • WordPress site redirecting to another site

  • Strange links

  • Unable to login to WordPress

  • A slower than usual site

  • You will need this information when you discuss your WordPress hack with your hosting providers.

2.Change Your Password:

You should change your password before you start any processes to fix your hacked WordPress website, and again when you have finished.

3.Consult Your Hosting Company:

Quality hosting providers will have expert staff who can help guide you in these trying circumstances. They understand how everything works and will be the best source of information on what to do next.

Plus, there is always the possibility the hack could go deeper than your website, so they will appreciate the information you can provide.

4.Restore from a Backup:

Good hosting providers will also have a backup facility. If you have been taking advantage of it to regularly back up your site, then you should be good to go after the restoration process. Just be sure to remember to change your passwords.

Of course, there is the chance that your most recent backups will restore the hack, so you may need to go back a few days. You could lose a few posts, which is why it's always a good idea to store copies of your content on your local hard drive.

5.Scan and Remove Malware:

Check your WordPress site and delete any themes and plugins you are not using. Outdated WordPress addons are a prime backdoor target for hackers and the less access you give them, the better.

Install a quality security plugin which will scan your files for anything suspicious and send you a report. A couple of well-respected security plugins include Sucuri and Wordfence.

6.Prevention is Better Than a Cure:

It's always good to know how to fix a hacked WordPress site, but prevention is always better than a cure. Most hacking is successful because of weak passwords, so your first step should be to create a strong password with a mix of uppercase, lowercase, and special characters. It should also be a password you don't use anywhere else.

Change your login credentials to something other than 'admin,' and always keep regular daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

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