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How to Conduct and Effective Virtual Meeting

Efficiency = Effective work/Total work = Effective meeting time/Total meeting time.

1. If you want to improve the efficiency of a conference, first of all, is to improve the effective meeting time, secondly is to shorten the meeting time.

2. Improving effective conferencing requires three things: a clear purpose, the right attendees, and the best information.

3. Participants need three roles: decision-maker, information provider, and meeting recorder.

4. Adequate information needs to be achieved in three aspects: full preparation before the meeting, full discussion during the meeting, and decision implementation after the meeting.

5. Shorten meeting time: Long meetings are annoying to everyone, a waste of everyone's time, and a serious waste of company resources. However, the control of the meeting time mainly depends on the opinions of the supporters or decision-makers. That means indecisive decisions of leaders and incomplete information provided by participants will directly affect the meeting time.

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