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We have all been there. Our business is doing great and customers like our service… but now we need a website.

Of course, it’s very easy to go out and find one of the millions of web design companies out there to quickly create one for us, but how do we get the best website for the best cost? Here are some initial key points to look out for:

• Will the cost be by the hour? Or by the project? • In how much time will the website be delivered? • Is the designer keeping up with modern best web design practices? • Will the site be mobile-friendly and responsive to different platforms?

What is the Right Cost for a Great Website?

There are many companies that will charge you $400 for a website which immediately sounds like a deal, but once you get the finished product you find out the site looks like it’s from the ’80s and isn’t mobile-friendly.

Then you’ll find companies that will charge you over $4,000+; as if they are making the site out of diamonds! However, if you’re thinking of having a 4-5 page website with ways for your customers to quickly understand what you are selling and how to get in contact with or buy a product -you don’t need any high-end extensive programming masterminds to create your website. What you need is balance.

5 Things You Need to Find Out Before Having Your Website Made:

1- How many pages do you need? (Including the Home page). 2- Do you have a color scheme you would like your site to have? 3- Are there some example websites with designs you like? 4- Do you already have images you can give the designer? Written content? 5- Determine a clear purpose for your site.

Knowing these points beforehand will help save time and get you a fast quote from potential web designers.

A website of no more than 4-5 pages with a modern design, a custom color scheme, original content, mobile-friendly platform, social media integration, and an effective lead-generating layout should come to cost by the most $1,000. This is also including edits during the project as well as any bug fixes that are needed.

Some companies will even allow you to pay by halves to alleviate the cost, so make sure you ask about that. Well, now you know how to go about researching, planning, hiring the right designer, and getting the right cost for getting your awesome website made!

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