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How Does Google Guaranteed Work and is it Worth it?

Google Guaranteed is a service provided by Google that assures customers of the reliability of a service provider. This brand new service from Google has therefore made it possible to confirm to customers that a company is well certified -but above all, to exclude companies which could be potential scams, which is a step forward for customer security. But all this is not done instantly and it is not without cost either. Then the question arises, is this worth investing your time and money in such a program? We will see together whether this will suit you or not.

1. How does Google Guaranteed work?

Google will work to provide your service to dissatisfied customers within 30 days of the end of the service. To do this, customers must first order the service through Google Guaranteed. This is very handy for companies who want to show that their service has been approved by a third party. However, Google’s service is intended to act locally for individuals, so it will not be of much use to companies that want to be present at a national level.

2. Appear at the top of Google

Just like the advertisements you can buy with Google Adwords, Google Guaranteed will show your services in the top results with a green logo to highlight your business website. It’s a surefire way to get seen by people looking for your service and to gain more traffic to your site. Since almost 90% of internet users use Google as a search engine, this is a huge advantage for being well promoted.

3. Google approval matters!

Having the green Google trust badge is very useful because people will be able to see the “Google Guaranteed” banner with the following message: “This pro is backed by the Google guarantee; which means they're pre-screened, insured, and meet relevant licensing requirements. Any job you book with them is guaranteed to be done right or my money back.” This will surely boost trust in your site, but it doesn't stop there. In the event of a problem, the customer may be covered up to $ 2,000 if the service has been ordered with Google Guaranteed. Google will contact you in advance to understand the problem and will see if an amicable solution can be found.

4. A solution that is not made for all companies

Not all companies will have access to Google Guaranteed. Indeed, only certain local services can have access to the Google service such as Locksmiths, Professional painting, House cleaning, Carpenters / Handymen, Plumbing, Car glass installation and repair, Electricians, Appliance repair and installation, Garage door, maintenance and installation, Roadside assistance, HVAC services,… This list could evolve in the future, but the principle would remain the same and Google will only accept local services.

5. How to register?

Registering can be relatively easy if you have your license number handy. However, verifying your information can take 2-4 weeks, so you will need to be patient.

Firstly, you need to register your company on Google My Business, then go to “Local Service Ads”, put your name, address and phone number, set the hours your company is opened and your service. Then you have to give your License Number and ask for some reviews. At this point, you will go through a background check and you will need to upload bonds, insurance,… After this point enter your billing and publish your local service ads. After that, you have to pass the “advance verification” with a third party website that can be or

6. In case of problems (for the customer)

If you are a customer and there is a problem, you need to fill a form and send it to Google to tell them about your issue. After sending your form, you have to call Google at (844) 885-0761. Google will take a close look at your case and contact the company to understand the situation and decide if they will follow up or not. Then, if your case is considered as « admissible » you will get a refund.

7. It’s getting more and more expensive to be displayed first. Stand Out!

So it's getting more and more complicated to be displayed first and the road is quite long. So yes, the time and money cost can be relatively high, especially for a small business. However, if your business faces a lot of competition, Google Guaranteed can be the solution to eliminate non-certified competition and differentiate yourself from others, depending on the price of your services, this should be considered. However, you should not neglect the other means of being known by your audience.

To conclude, Google Guaranteed is not a simple advertisement put forward by Google, it is a real guarantee for you and your customer. It is not accessible for everyone and therein lies is its value; after all, scarcity makes value. Become one of the rare Google guaranteed businesses in your sector and region and get more customers!

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