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How do public relations work?

Public relations are a fundamental point of communication for every business. However, it must be well thought out to be effective and to maximize results. While public relations aren't supposed to cost a lot, the potential of good public relations management should not be underestimated. Reaching the right audience with the right message can be much more profitable than having an expensive advertising campaign in some cases.

1 / What is public relations for

Public relations is a way for a company to communicate either internally or externally about the company to improve its image and reputation. This can directly influence your sales for the good or the bad, which is why you must above all target the right public and understand it; doing public relations for a target that is not your right buyer can lead to people not using your products.

2 / How to develop a PR campaign

To run a PR campaign successfully, you have to understand your audience -but that's not all. Once you understand what your audience likes and dislikes you will need to find a way to tie this good feeling to your brand either through ideas that link what your audience likes to your brand or by means of a “trusted third party” for your target audience and your brand. For example, McDonald's has created an association that allows parents of sick children to have a place near the hospital to stay. Another example would be an advertisement with a doctor saying the benefits of a particular product to encourage people to have a favorable opinion or even to buy the product in question.

3 / Adapt your public relations to current contexts

Once you've understood your audience and figured out which channel to communicate, you'll also need to tailor your message to the social context of your target audience. You will therefore have to keep a watch to know the upheavals that your audience is undergoing. For example, today it is particularly complicated to develop your business, especially in certain states, your communication at the national level must therefore be adapted to each person's situation or find a common point for companies in all states; for example, how to restore the confidence of your customers to return to your store. You can then make a short video to highlight all the steps you have taken to improve the cleanliness of your business and thus reduce the risks or make a partnership with a well-known cleaning business your clients know to certify the cleanliness of your business.

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