Advantages of the Python programming language

Updated: Jan 11

Python is a widely-used programming language due to its versatility. With Python, you can graphically modify images, create games, create complex applications, develop websites, make a business site with internal applications, prototyping, and much more.

We will see in this article the advantages of python programming language

1 / User-friendly

Coding with Python is greatly simplified by the fact that this language has built-in list and dictionary data structures which makes it easier to carry out your projects. In addition, this language has been developed in such a way that it reduces the code size required to perform a task, which makes it more efficient than many other languages.

2 / Third Party Modules

The Python Package Index has many third-party modules that make your code able to interact with other languages ​​fairly easily. Thus, using Python you will not be blocked if you want to adapt your creations later to have other features.

3 / Speed

Python is an object-oriented language, which means that it offers very practical control functionality for creating objects in your applications. The code size in Python is greatly reduced and also allows faster execution of your code, whether on your websites, apps, or games.

4 / Extensive Support Libraries

Python is particularly practical for developers because the library made available covers many points such as web services tools, internet protocols, operating system interfaces, or even string operations, visit This makes it easier to write code and therefore the speed of development of your website or app.

5 / Learning Ease

A code written in Python is quite easy to read because of its size which is shorter than some other type of code, it is also relatively easy to learn. In addition, the online database allows a quick start for beginners in this language.

6 / Community Development

Python is a language that grows every day with its online library that is enlarged every day by a motivated community. Many conferences are held throughout the year and the mailing lists allow better communication in the community.