English Core Team


Franciso Diaz

Website Developer

Fiona Zang

Social Media Manager

We are very fortunate and grateful to have had Fiona working for us as our Social Media Manager. Fiona is a very bright designer and is always willing to come up with new ideas, brainstorm, and always find a way to better the end product in order to keep impressing and delighting viewers. We find her designing style is very…

Vanessa Phelan

Graphic Design Expert

I am a passionate and very minimalistic graphic designer who is not afraid of hard work. I am organized, detail-oriented, and willing to go the extra mile to achieve a perfect design.

Robert Kukulski

Project Manager & Web Designer
Website Builders & Web Designers - SEO - Social Media - West Palm Beach, FL

AJ Patil

Developer, Designer

Mike Escoto

Marketing Expert & Sales

Mukta Cholette

Marketing Strategist, Social Media Expert

Marco Baez

Project Manager, Coordinator, Sales