We are always happy to provide search engine optimization or SEO marketing services to clients that are helping to make a difference in the world. Have you ever thought about your business becoming green? If you have you are in luck! There are actually quite a number of positive things that you can do to take your company into a green direction.

Whether making the air cleaner, putting a number of trees and plants throughout your work environment, water practices, and more there are many ways you can transform your business. Now what if you could take it a step further and actually certify yourself to the government and the public (your customers) as an official “green business”? Would you do it? Yes? Awesome! For this there are certain requirements that you must make sure your business has -a sort of checklist if you will, that ensures your spot on the green roster! This is where Logical Green Institute comes in.

Logical Green Institute Can Get You Green Certified With Video Production Services

The way to become an official green business is by getting a “LEED” certification or “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”. It’s requirements are very simple and although some may take time and adjustment they can get done. One of the requirements is the presentation of a video that shows the public just how green you are! This has many benefits because, as well as a presentation, it can be used as an internet/digital or word-of-mouth marketing tool for your customers, prospective investors, and future advertising strategies.

As their web site states, Logical Green Institute specializes in video production services that are specifically catered to businesses gaining the LEED certification with videos showcasing all of their green features. Visit their website at! If you want local/distance seo and internet marketing services for your company gives us a call today at (561) 320-7773!

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