How to build your personal website?

Many novices who have never done a website would like to know, how to build their website, what is needed to prepare? What are the steps?

A complete website must have three elements: domain name, website space (server), website program. The domain name is a website, server for storing website program files, website program is to show the content of the relevant files and functional files collectively.

Before building the website you need to understand the type of website you want to do.

1.Register the domain name:

A website domain name is indispensable, a good domain name can let users remember at first sight.
The domain name and company products or business must be consistent.
It is better to choose a domain name with .com or .cn suffix. Network-based companies can choose .net.

2.Select the website system:

Different website systems have different functions, according to your own needs, choose the site source code.

3.Purchase a server/host:

The server is also known as virtual host space, uses for storing the content of the site space. It can store website files, data, including text, documents, databases, website pages, and pictures. Content on the website, such as the text and images you see in this article, needs to be stored on the server, so buy a server/virtual host.

4.Configure the runtime environment:

According to your second step to choose the website system, in the local configuration of the running environment, if you configure the local environment that needs to configure according to the website system configuration tutorial, you can refer to the corresponding system to the official website configuration.

5.Resolve the domain name:

When you purchase a server, each server will have an IP address, and the domain name will need to be resolved to the corresponding IP address so that the domain name can be accessed.


After successful domain name resolution, users can enter the domain name on the Internet to open your website.

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